Year 1870


Australia: W(illiam) J(ospeh) Lincoln.


Theodore Brown in Salisbury.
William Frederick Jury.

Herbert Ponting.

Alexandre Arquillière.

Henri René Bünzli.

Germany: Adolf Gärtner.

India: Dhundiraj Govind Phalke.
Ireland: Patrick A Powers in Waterford.

Italy: Arturo Ambrosio.
Netherlands: Cees A P Ivens.

Switzerland: Francois Dussaud in Geneva.

Francis Boggs.

Jules E Brulatour in New Orleans.
Frank Dyer in Washington D.C..
Winsor McCay (date uncertain).

Jan 8: USA: Elias Burton Holmes.
April 10: Russia: Lenin.

April 21: USA: Edwin S Porter at Connellsville.

May 8: USA: Marcus Loew.

June 29: USA: Joseph Carl Breil.


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